Fight Club Exxen

Fight Club Exxen, prepared and presented by Bilgehan Demir,isa special fight house project prepared by MBD PRO for the Digital TV Platform EXXEN under Acun Medya. It is the first project in Turkey, where we witnessed the relentless struggle of 11 kickboxers living in the same house.

An adrenaline-filled competition where fighters who won championships in 4 separate tournaments reach the semi-finals and then clash for the super final.

Warriors cook their own meals and wash the dishes and laundry themselves. And they are also responsible for house cleaning. Fighters, have the right to train for 2 hours a day, do not have the right to communicate with their families as per the agreement.

Long preparations were made for the huge excitement consisting of 18 episodes .

Mehmet Ali Meriç, İsmail Uzuner, Muhammed Apaydın, Medeni Çelik, Enis Yunusoğlu, Onur Çelik, Kutluhan Sormageç, Berat Altıntop, Mükremin Güler, İsa Göçmen and Hasan Demir, among Turkey’s most talented kickboxers, took part in the Fighters Squad.

If you subscribe, you can watch all 18 episodes of Fight Club (Fight House Project) on the Turkish digital TV platform EXXEN with Bilgehan Demir’s commentary. 08508855757

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