Boxing Stars

üWhile the Stars of the Boxing Project was produced by Acun Medya in November 2017, Bilgehan Demir was the consultant and commentatorof the program.The challenging tournament, in which famous names, enriched by the comments of APB World champion boxer Adem Kılıçcı, entered the ring, was held at the Taha Akgül Sports Complex in Istanbul Sancaktepe. The matches, in which the heartbeats that frightened Turkey accelerated and terrible knockouts were experienced, were interrupted when things got worse. After 3 episodes, it turned into a tension that even the knockouter didn’t want to get into the ring and an early finale was made. In the program, which made a great impression in Turkey, matches were played in the categories of men and women.

Celebrity Rosters 

Aktor – Bülent Çetinaslan 
Survivor – Fulya Keskin 
Singer Çılgın Sedat 
Wardrobe Competitor – Aycan Demirci 
Singer – Doğuş 
Survivor – Ayşıl Özaslan 
Belly Dancer – Asena 
Singer – Sami Levi 
Survivor – Sahra Işık 
Former Model – Şenol İpek 
Aktor – Ateş Fatih uçan 
Survivor – Berna Canbeldek 
Former Football Player – Baki Mercimek 
Survivor – Ramazan Kalyoncu 

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