Iron Wrists

It is an arm wrestling program that was shown on DMAX under the name Iron Wrists and received great acclaim. Bilgehan Demir both tv broadcast and presented the of this project. In fact, this was not Demir’s first arm wrestling narrative. Years ago, he reflected the arm wrestling rivalry on the screen in the Golden Fists program broadcast on FOX in 2009.

In 2011, he also took part in an arm wrestling organization held in Istanbul Armoni Park. Demir Wrists, on the other hand, was a work in which Bilgehan Demir brought to the fore not only her presentation but also her announcership. Bilgehan drew attention in the International Istanbul Cup Project organized by the Bodybuilding and Arm Wrestling Federation at the Green Park Hotel in the Pendik district of Istanbul.

Later, when the pandemic period entered, the project was a little interrupted. Bilgehan Demir not only acted as an announcer, but also played match for show. Against whom? Against world number 1 Arthur Makarov.

Makarov vs Bilgehan Match Up

Dursun vs Erkan Match Up 08508855757

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